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Briefly from Bill

MMA rebrands: bye, bye, boring blue

by Bill Jeatran

Yes, MMA has some new and exciting changes taking place. Specifically, we have launched our new brand. We have intentionally done so quietly because our new brand isn’t changing us – it’s really just clarifying who we are and have been.

Our brand initiative was born over two years ago when we held an all-employee strategic planning session. Our employees felt that it was very difficult to describe who we are and what we do to help serve our clients, and they told us so. As you hopefully know, we are not a typical insurance agency. We offer so many resources, tools and capabilities to prevent risk—versus just selling an insurance policy—that it can be difficult to effectively describe us or what makes us unique to the marketplace. 

Over the past two years we worked closely with a local branding company to help us convey our true corporate identity. In mid-July we made our official internal brand launch and we have been “taking it to the streets” ever since.

The reality is that not much has changed, except for our ability to better communicate how and why we are different. MMA’s brand has always been about helping clients reduce risk. It still is, just now with a new look and additional resources.

What you will see are bold new colors, reinvigorated people and a slight name change (we dropped “Agencies”). But what you should feel or sense is that we now have more clarity on how we help you prevent risk and more clarity on how we show the progress we have made with your team. It’s actually quite simple: By helping you prevent risk, we will reduce your long term costs.

This rebrand came at such a great time because now, as part of Marsh & McLennan Agency, MMA has even more capabilities and resources to help clients strengthen their employees, assets and bottom line. It’s a large part of why we joined Marsh & McLennan Agency earlier this year. We now have unmatched resources with which to help clients avoid risk, anywhere in the world and a more fitting brand to help us explain ourselves.

Frankly, there’s basically no risk prevention resource we can’t provide. If there’s something facing your organization you don’t know quite how to handle, talk to your MMA representative. I’m confident we’ll be able to find a solution that helps you sleep better at night. Our ability to help is now so much greater than ever before. In fact, that’s what helps me sleep well at night.

Bill Jeatran is the chief executive officer of MMA. He can be reached at 763-746-8201 or