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RJF's next big change

Transitioning to the MMA name and logo

by Bill Jeatran

December 31, 2012

Two years ago, RJF was acquired by Marsh & McLennan Agency. Hopefully you’re aware of this fact, and hopefully, if you’ve been associated with us for more than 24 months, the changes you’ve seen have been positive. While the process was lengthy, the decision was simple. We’d done our homework, weighing all options, and ultimately knew that joining this vigorous, young organization early on was the best option for our clients, employees and other stake holders.

Now, 24 months in, I’m more confident than ever that our decision was wise. Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) now has revenues approaching half a billion dollars and approximately 2,000 employees. Its acquisitions are bringing innovative resources and brilliant people into the organization, allowing us to better help employers strengthen their assets, employees and bottom lines.

Our people now have more stability and advancement opportunities than ever. They are collaborating daily with other MMA offices in other parts of the country to solve client problems and establish new standards of excellence. For example, we were recently named a center of excellence for all of MMA in cyber liability. This is leading to record organic growth for us locally. We have more services and products available now than before joining MMA, many of which are not available anywhere else, and we are able to deliver our services and expertise to more clients through markets served by other MMA agencies.

The best firms in the country, many of which were not for sale, are vying to become part of MMA after they learn about it and meet the people who make it what it is. Only the best of these agencies are actually being invited to join. As MMA continues its merger and acquisition activities, it will only accept world class firms because that is an overriding component of its brand.

For all these reasons and more, we are taking steps to completely adopt the Marsh & McLennan name and logo. You’ll see it happening more and more over the coming months, with the expectation that in July, the RJF name and logo will no longer be used.

While there is an element of sadness to this—after all, I’m the J in RJF—my excitement for what the future holds trumps any short-lived feelings of nostalgia that might creep up. The greatness of MMA is not in the name we go by or colors and graphics we use on our Web site. Those things are important, but only when you have something of value underneath. The greatness that exists here at MMA is in the process we take clients through, the people who deliver our solutions, and in the culture that keeps me coming back to the office day after day. Those things won’t change just because our name changes. Those things are being strengthened through our involvement in the MMA enterprise.

Our people remain—we’re just adding more of them. Our services aren’t changing—we’re just acquiring new ones. And our culture is still vibrant—it’s growing as we grow. Our name is changing, and I’m excited. Not for what it means to me, but because of what it means to you, our valued client, and our employees.