A New Era of Employee-Centric Work Perks

June 20, 2019

From Google’s nap pods to Twitter’s on-site acupuncture services, Silicon Valley tech giants have sparked a new definition of what it means to cultivate an employee-centric workplace. As a result, employers are facing the reality that in order to attract and retain the best talent, relying solely on a generous health benefits package may not be enough.

What was once used by employers to outshine competitors has evolved into now-commonplace resources that support employee engagement, work-life integration, and productivity. According to Zenefits, 68% of employees say that work perks are just as important as health coverage, life insurance, and other traditional benefits.

To get an edge in the marketplace, identifying incentives to add to employees’ total compensation packages can make all the difference in ensuring the quality and happiness of your workforce.

To move forward beyond the traditional approach, here are a few categories highlighting the latest emerging perks in the workplace.