Bike Industry Trade Show Season Begins

July 31, 2013

We will be traveling to a couple great trade-shows in the next 6 weeks: Trek World and Interbike. It is an exciting time for me because these shows are a lot of fun. With all the latest and greatest bike products on hand, it is quite difficult to be glued to my booth.

Most of our new clients are outside of the state I reside in. I get to know them over the phone or via email, but that isn't as fun as meeting them, in person. There is nothing better to putting a face with the name, and since most of my clients end up going to one of these two trade-shows, I get to do just that with many of them. This is my favorite part of attending these shows.

These shows provide the perfect platform to learn more about what is happening in the industry. Since last year, it seems that bike shops are expanding their services to include e-bike sales, urban bike tours, (more) bike rental, bike trade-in programs (used bikes), and some private-labeling of products.

Each of those expanded services poses additional risks and requires us to educate our underwriters on the true risks to the business. Identifying what the risks are is one thing, but helping to prevent them is another. I have written about some of these risks and exposures in the past.

Some past headlines include:

  • Why Insurance Companies Shy Away from the Exploding E-Bike Industry
  • The Importance of Bike Rental Waivers to Retailers
  • Eleven Used-Bike Selling Tips To Reduce Risk
  • Protection for Shop Rides
  • Private Labeling Risk

If you are either show, please stop by to visit. We'll be near the advocacy organization booths at Interbike (close to NBDA and IMBA), and near the financial services section outside the main exhibition hall at Trek World.