Client Advisory: Dealing with Increasing Cyber Risks in the Biotech Industry

October 2020


Director of Marketing & Communications, Insurance Associates
+1 301 315 6785
October 16, 2020

Cybersecurity breaches are now more common than ever in the biotech field.  Biotech and pharma companies can be desirable targets for hackers, primarily due to the value of their intellectual property.  Ransomware attacks have become more prevalent, far more dangerous, and in some cases, the information stolen by cyber criminals could be used to develop biological weapons. Creating a comprehensive cyber risk and management plan is key to thwarting as many of these attacks as possible.

This white paper explains how COVID-19 has made existing problems within the biotech industry even worse, the key cyber risks facing the industry, how to prepare for and manage cyber risk and how MMA is ready to help.

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