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July 21, 2021

According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle deaths in 2020 were estimated to be the highest in 13 years, despite dramatic drops in miles driven due to the pandemic.  

We are already halfway through the year and so far in 2021 we see a major increase in fatalities on our roadways across the upper Midwest.  In Minnesota and Wisconsin alone there have been 458 driving-related fatalities. 

Of the 203 Minnesota fatalities:

  • 82 people died in speed-related crashes         
  • 54 people died in alcohol-related crashes
  • 44 people died who were not wearing seatbelt              
  • 30 motorcyclists died
  • 23 pedestrians died
  • 5 were killed by distracted driving

When a driver is fatally injured in a crash, the average costs of the fatality is $751,383, according to National Safety Council.

Many of these fatalities on our roadways can be prevented through Defensive Driving. Defensive Driving is “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others” (National Safety Council). This practice has been proven to reduce injuries and fatalties and while not all these fatalites are work related, every employer has the ability to influence their drivers by providing Defensive Driving training and education.

To help employers provide training and education, MMA has developed three resources to help improve Defensive Driving skills:

  1. MMA has developed a complementary Defensive Driving video that you can show your drivers to get the conversation started. Check it out.

  2. MMA has developed a commentary ride along form that employers can use to help coach their drivers in practicing defensive driving. Download the complentary form here

  3. MMA has partnered with is Smith System, a Defensive Driver training organization. Drivers trained by the Smith System consistently report that they remember the principles long after they’ve taken the class. To hear for yourself check out these testimonials.

To learn more about Smith System and available discounts for MMA cients, contact: Amanda Long @ 917-385-2159 or via E-mail:

For any additional questions or resources reach out to your MMA Safety Consultant at