Fireplace Inspections

November 7, 2013

Does your association have wood fireplaces? Do you know who is responsible for the inspections and cleaning? Do your governing documents spell it out for you?

Wood fireplaces, if not properly cleaned and inspected, pose a risk that can affect many homeowners. An association’s board of directors must clearly address the issue of maintenance responsibility and who pays for the service. It is recommended that this be clearly outlined in the rules and regulations and that a predetermined schedule of no less than every two years be enforced. Cleaning on a group (association) basis is most cost effective and each owner may be charged back for their portion of the service.

For board members, knowledge of this potential safety hazard without action to reduce the possibility of fire, is definite breach in their fiduciary responsibility and increases the likelihood of a directors and officers lawsuit.

Make sure you review your rules & regulations and add or update the fireplace maintenance plan.