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Insurance Insights: Education

January 28, 2021

There is no doubt this is a challenging time for the education sector. Schools from elementary to universities are reexamining nearly every aspect of their businesses. At the same time the pandemic has created new challenges such as online learning and elevated others like failure to educate, cybersecurity threats and campus violence, just to mention a few.

The shifting landscape has forced school boards and administrators to think differently about everything, including risk management. Because the stakes are so high, educators must be more diligent about properly identifying and sizing risk, both new and long-standing liabilities.

While keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry, we strive to keep you informed. Our team of school-specialized insurance professionals have pooled their knowledge into a single source of information specific to the education sector.

In MMA Insurance Insights: Education, you will gain:

  • A big picture overview of what’s happening in insurance as it relates to your risks.
  • An outline of current challenges and considerations to help with decision-making.
  • An awareness of emerging risks.
  • Ideas for specific action you can take today.
  • An understanding of the ways MMA can help.

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