Minneapolis Approves Paid Sick Leave Law

June 20, 2016

Minneapolis is the first city in Minnesota to require employers with six or more employees to provide paid sick leave. The new ordinance is effective July 1, 2017, but there will be a phase-in period for its enforcement. The city’s civil rights department will be handling any complaints and enforcing the ordinance. 

According to the new ordinance, for every 30 hours an employee works, employers with six or more employees will have to provide one hour of sick leave. Employers must allow for up to 48 hours of sick time earned each year. Employees will also be able to roll over any unused sick leave from each year until they reach 80 hours.  

Under this ordinance, employees may use the sick leave when the worker or a family member is ill, a physical or mental illness or injury has occurred, and for medical appointments. The leave may also be used for workers suffering from domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking. Employees may take time off for treatment, counseling, relocation or legal proceedings in these cases.

The new ordinance will affect employers who don’t have a regular workplace or office in Minneapolis, but have employees who travel into and out of the city. For example, a repair person or delivery driver who travels into and out of Minneapolis during a work day will be able to accrue paid leave for each hour they are working in the city. However, employees traveling into the city must spend more than 80 hours a year working inside the city limits to receive paid sick leave.

Employers who are already offering more paid leave than what is required will not have to offer additional days. This ordinance doesn’t require workers’ paid sick leave to be conditional on their ability to find a replacement worker when on leave. However, it will allow employers to require workers to provide documentation from a medical professional when using more than three consecutive days.