Minnesota OSHA Safety Grants Program

October 14, 2019Minnesota

Employers working on projects designed to reduce the risk of injury and illness to their workers may qualify for a matching safety grant up to $10,000 from Minnesota OSHA.

To qualify, an employer must:

  • Have workers’ compensation insurance
  • Come under the jurisdiction of Minnesota OSHA
  • Have a qualified safety professional (like an MMA safety consultant) conduct an on-site inspection and receive written recommendations based on the inspection
  • Follow the recommendations of the safety inspection and the project must reduce the risk of injury or disease to employees
  • Be able to complete the project, and must be committed to its implementation
  • Be able to match the grant money awarded
  • Gain the support of all public entities involved, and comply with all regulations where applicable.

Who has received the grants in the past?
During the state fiscal year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018), 296 grant applications were reviewed and the program awarded $1,074,110 to 165 applicants representing construction, health care, logging, manufacturing, public-sector employers and service industries.

Driessen Culligan Minnesota applied for a grant based on a recommendation from one of MMA’s Senior Safety Consultants. The MMA consultant recommended that they purchase a stair-climbing dolly for one of their delivery technicians who was at significant ergonomic risk while transporting cylinders up and down customers’ staircases. This risk was identified during a ride-along evaluation with the employee.

Driessen Culligan Minnesota obtained quotes for the recommended stair-climbing dolly, the MMA consultant completed the grant application and the grant was awarded. 

“MMA’s assistance in the safety grant application process made it easy and efficient. First, we would likely not have applied for the grant without Lindsey’s recommendation. MMA did all the heavy lifting by first identifying the need, helping source the solution and ways to utilize the funds, and writing the grant application. There is no doubt in my mind, that receiving the grant funds and purchasing this equipment helped us prevent future injuries of our employees. Thanks, MMA!”

-Mike Ritter, Regional Director, Driessen Culligan Minnesota

How to apply?
Start by downloading the safety grant application online at https://secure.doli.state.mn.us/grants/.

Next, request the help of your MMA Safety Consultant.

Your MMA consultant can help with the onsite hazard inspection and recommendations report that must be completed by a “qualified safety professional.”

He or she can also assist with writing and completing the grant application. OR we can guide you through the process of completing the grant application yourself with the assistance of our “Grant walk-through tool.”

Regardless of how you decide to complete the application, we can take over and wordsmith the grant and increase your odds of receiving funding.

Finally, you will need to submit the grant application electronically and will provide all final documents and quotes from the vendors you will be working with.

Then what?
If your grant is approved, you will be notified in writing of the specific approval. At the time of approval, you may begin purchasing the grant-related items. Whether OSHA approves your grant application or not, you will still be responsible for abating the hazards identify in your inspection according to regulations.

For more information or to request the assistance, call your MMA Safety Consultant today.