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MMA’s Cyber Resiliency Network is Here to Help

March 30, 2021

The World Economic Forum ranks cyberattacks as the second most concerning risk for businesses in the coming decade. Today, employees are working from home and organizations are staying connected via technology. This means cybercriminals have more ways to breach networks. It is crucial for businesses to have relevant information to maintain cybersecurity.

MMA’s Cyber Resiliency Network (CRN) is ready to help you address your security concerns. The CRN identifies two key areas for proactive cyber risk management—InfoSec and legal. It also provides a variety of resources to prepare for risks in these areas. Some of the resources include:

  • Assessments of procedures
  • Reports on threat intelligence
  • Technical support/software installation
  • A one-hour consultation with our trusted partners

MMA’s Cyber Resiliency Network equips your business to face the known threats of today and the unknown threats of tomorrow. Take the first step and reach out to your MMA representative to learn more.