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Slip & Falls

Prevent your members from going head over heels, on your walkways

October 15, 2012

Your association has the implied obligation to maintain safe walk areas for residents and guests. MMA’s risk management consultants recommend that walk areas have clean and dry surfaces. This can be a budget busting endeavor when contracting services for snow removal. Make sure to read the snow removal contract and confirm the board understands each entity’s responsibility regarding the removal and maintenance of walk ways.

Resident Responsibilities
Identify which areas each individual unit owner should maintain and communicate this throughout the cold weather season. The association should provide sand and salt in strategic locations around the property for use.

Note trouble areas where snow and ice build up each year and determine what needs to be done to prevent this build-up from occurring. Also pay attention to where the sidewalks and pavement have either heaved or settled; it should be fixed if the surface is uneven more than half an inch. Slip and fall prevention is an area where an ounce of prevention could save a resident or guest a pound of cure.

Provide quality rugs at common area entrances to absorb the water, snow, ice, sand and salt that is tracked on interior floors. Place “wet floor” signs around the area as necessary.

Association employees should wear shoes with slip-resistant soles.

If you discover a slip and fall that results in an injury, we recommend that you notify your insurance company as soon as possible. They will correspond with the injured party promptly and also conduct a proper investigation of the claim. The association should also inspect the area immediately after an accident is known to have taken place and take corrective actions to prevent another similar occurrence.