Squirrels in the Attic and Bats in the Belfry

Losses That Aren't Covered

January 1, 2017

Every year hundreds of homeowners sustain damage from unwanted vermin that gain access to homes and set up housekeeping.  

Being kept awake at night by strange noises is a nuisance but a minor one in comparison to other dangers that unwanted house guests can bring. Vermin have been known to chew through wiring and plug vents causing fires. They can also spread disease making humans ill and the home uninhabitable.  

Insurance policies specifically state that the carrier will not pay for losses caused by nesting, infestation, discharge, or release of waste products or secretions by animals. This includes birds, insects, and rodents.

However, if one of these hazards causes a loss that is a “specified peril” (i.e. fire, glass breakage) then the resulting damage will be covered subject to the policy deductible.