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The Benefits of a Mock Audit

November 30, 2021

As you begin planning EHS activities for 1st Quarter 2022 and beyond, have you considered a mock FMCSA or OSHA audit for your operation?  Although mock audits offer many benefits, the primary ones include the following:

  1. An outside review and perspective for all policies, procedures and practices.
  2. An opportunity to identify both strengths and weaknesses of your operation.
  3. Strengthen your safety and training programs.
  4. Correct gaps prior to receiving a regulatory audit.
  5. Understand the correlation between roadside inspections, CSA scores and audit scoring.
  6. Identify and apply industry best practices to strengthen overall operations.
  7. Demonstrate to all employees that safety is a core value, not just a priority.
  8. Actually improve the workplace safety for all employees.

Mock Audits are time consuming for any operation and so understanding what you need is imperative before undertaking. Talk to your MMA experts about best practices of what to look for and prepare before you explore this exercise.