The Moving Parts of a Retirement Plan Webinar Series

Plan Sponsor Webinar Series


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May 14, 2020

Fiduciary Awareness Training |  PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss

Managing a retirement plan brings with it a lot of responsibility. This training will help bring clarity and awareness to the many responsibilities associated with managing your company's retirement plan.

Discussed are how you become a fiduciary, best ways to mitigate fiduciary liability, and best practices for plan governance. 

How to Prepare for a Retirement Plan Audit | PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring: Rich Hirschen Partner at Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP
Jim Donellon Director at Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP

Plan governance is becoming increasingly critical. In a recent poll of more than 300 U.S. employers, nearly one-third reported having their retirement plans audited by the federal government over the past two years. This webinar discusses how to prepare your plan for a DOL or IRS audit, as well as best practices for annual audit requirements.

Understanding your QDIA Alternatives | PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring: Danielle Notto, Managing Director at JP Morgan
Meghan Jacobson, Executive Director at JP Morgan

It has been nearly 10 years since the DOL created a regulatory safe harbor for Plan Sponsors when choosing a default investment for their retirement plan. Since 2007, many plans have strategized to maximize the benefits of their QDIA, but with the benefits comes the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the QDIA option is suitable for your participant population.

Fee Equalization | PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Jeffrey Keating, Director, Competitive Strategy at John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

Managing cost continues to be a hot button. As more Plan Sponsors face the threat of litigation over plan fees, the concept of “fee equalization” has become more common as a way to best mitigate risk. This presentation breaks down the concept of fee equalization and how to best protect your plan from fee lawsuits.

Investment Governance | PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Alden Bianchi, Member at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

One of the most important things a Retirement Committee is tasked with is the oversight of the Plan’s investments and to maintain the Plan in accordance with ERISA 404(c) standards. This webinar discusses proper procedural prudence, responsibilities and best practices to overseeing your Plan’s investment lineup.

Legislative & Regulatory Impacts of a Retirement Plan |  PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Robert Doyle, Vice President Government Affairs at Prudential Financial

Marsh & McLennan Agency along with guest Prudential Financial discuss tax reform, fiduciary rules, and other legislative and regulatory-related topics impacting retirement plans in 2018.

Understanding Retirement Plan Compliance |  PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Wanda Davis, Senior Business Development Manager at MMA TPA Retirement Services

From audit requirements to filing the annual 5500, we will discuss compliance requirements, common pitfalls and best practices. We hope you can attend!


Retirement Readiness |  PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Peter Kapino, Head of Advisor Sponsor & Investment Marketing at Empower Retirement

Determining if your employees are retirement ready is the crucial step in understanding the health and success of your retirement benefit.


Plan Design Statistics & Trends |  PLAY BACK

Hosted By: Andy Bayliss

How does your plan stack up? We benchmark different elements of retirement plan design, discuss statistics and recent trends. We hope you can attend! 


Index Investing |  PLAY BACK

Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring Zach Rosenoff, Investment Consultant, MMA Retirement Services

Index funds have become increasingly popular in retirement plans, largely as a result of their low cost nature. This webinar will discuss the basics of index funds, highlight some differences between major providers, and demonstrate methods of evaluation beyond simply looking at performance or fees.

Cybersecurity PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring:Cindy Lepore, MMA Business Insurance
Brian Gault, Fidelity Investments

We go over why cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for companies looking to protect sensitive information and avoid cyber-attacks. Learn the standards retirement plan recordkeepers are taking to secure data and how to best protect your retirement plan, the company and your participants.

Retiring the "Old Age" Story| PLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring:Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin, Founder and Director, MIT AgeLab

When it comes to retirement planning, people struggle to define what will make this phase of their lives fulfilling, energetic, and exciting. Many are living, or planning to live, a retirement that’s largely based on the myths, traditions, and expectations of those generations that have come before, even if this retirement phase of life could last a quarter, or even a third, of their entire life.

Understanding ESG InvestingPLAY BACK
Hosted By: Andy Bayliss
Featuring: Ed Farrington, Natixis Investments

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business. In recent years, ESG investing has gained in popularity with investors and fund managers, but how do they impact retirement plans?

Understanding Social Security | PLAY BACK
Hosted by: Andy Bayliss
Featuring: Kevin Reino, Regional Public Affairs Specialist SSA
For more than 80 years, Social Security has helped secure today and tomorrow by providing benefits and financial protection for millions of people throughout their life’s journey. Today, many Americans are confused on how Social Security works and its long-term viability, on this webinar we discuss how Social Security plays a pivotal role in our personal retirement strategies.

The Evolving WorkscapesPLAY BACK
Hosted by: Andy Bayliss
Featuring: Dr. Joseph Coughlin, Director of MIT AgeLab
Dr. Joe Coughlin, discusses the workforce by the generations, what the MIT AgeLab is calling disruptive demographics, and why organizations need to respond with a social contract that includes more customized benefits. 

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