The Power of One

The Case for a Single Insurance Broker


Chief Sales Officer, MMA West Region
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February 11, 2019California

It’s often been said, two is better than one.

However, when it comes to working with an insurance broker or agent that can handle both property casualty coverage and employee benefits, that’s not necessarily the case.

So why is one broker better? There are three very important reasons.

First, a single broker or agent will ultimately translate into more comprehensive coverage at a lower price. With prices expected to rise across the board in 2019, attractive pricing is a top priority for clients. Second, a single, strategic broker will gain a greater understanding of your organization’s evolving risks and how to manage them better over time. As the complexity of insurance and employee benefits increase, that is a meaningful, long-term advantage for your business. Third, a single broker means eliminating wasted time on redundant work and allows you to focus on what’s important – helping your business succeed.

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