The Threat of Flood is Significant this Season

March 21, 2019

Recent and continued threats of flooding, in many parts of the country, have business owners wondering what to do before and after a flooding disaster. Here are some tips and best practices to consider relative to flood coverage and recovery.

Before a flood
Remember flooding and other disasters can happen to any business at any time of year. Preparation is the key to mitigating your risk. Before a flood:

  • Have an emergency communication plan in place. Pre-record a voicemail message and consider redirecting business phones to other lines or services.
  • Have all employee, vendor and client contact information on hand.
  • Locate gas mains and electrical shut-offs. Prevent floodwater from backing up into sewer drains; use plugs or install flood vents or flood-proof barriers.
  • Identify meeting places and times for key employees.
  • Review insurance policies to verify coverage, deductibles and sublimits, and update disaster recovery procedures.

Recovering from a flood
These five steps can help you to keep employees safe and get back up and running as quickly as possible:

  • Notify employees and all critical stakeholders of next steps.
  • Be aware of the safety of the community’s water supply and avoid floodwaters, which may be contaminated or may be electrically charged from power lines. Clean and disinfect all wet equipment.
  • Be aware where floodwaters have receded as roads may have weakened.
  • Implement your disaster recovery plan and monitor local authorities.
  • Contact your insurance advisor if you have ingress/egress, civil authority, service interruption or direct physical damage impacting your locations. 

Other resources
Many aspects of flood mitigation and insurance depend on your unique circumstances. In the event of a flood, we want to help keep your employees safe, minimize property damage and get your business up and running faster. These additional resources can also help:

For assistance or questions regarding flood coverage or recovery, contact your local Marsh & McLennan Agency representative.