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Workplace Bullying

October 11, 2016

October 16-22, 2016 is the 9th annual Freedom from Workplace Bullying awareness week.  Bullying is said to affect 65 million workers annually.  Being a target of bullying is said to have greater long term effects on its victims than victims of sexual harassment. 

What is Workplace Bullying?
Repeated abuse that creates a psychological power imbalance and an inability for targets to defend themselves.  It causes psychological and physical harm to its victims and those who witness the behavior, as well as monetary losses to your organization.

How could offensive behaviors such as bullying impact your organization? 
You could see more employee absences, higher turnover – including your top performing employees, higher stress levels and more accidents.  Your organizations productivity, profitability and community reputation could suffer as well.

How can you bring awareness to this complex issue and hot topic?
By conducting annual or bi-annual Respectful Workplace Training, reviewing your handbook and policies and adding additional information as needed.  By showing you disapprove of offensive behaviors in the workplace you show your employees you care about their well-being and are committed to a culture of engaged employees.