Erika Tollefson

Health Management Consultant

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Erika is a Health Management Consultant with Marsh & McLennan Agency who helps employers create environments that support the health and wellbeing of their employees. 

A devoted professional, Erika strives to build health management strategies and a culture of well-being within her clients’ organizations with the end results of reducing claims, lowering costs and developing a healthier, productive organization. Erika has a passion for sharing her expertise about resiliency, mental health and creating lifestyle changes that last with employers. With Erika’s certification in Mental Health First Aid, she strives to teach others how to support those living with a mental illness, while helping to end the stigma associated with mental health.

As a Lifestyle Diabetes Prevention Coach Erika wants to walk alongside her clients towards their journey to health.

Erika assists clients in making positive lifestyle changes by providing key information and strategies to help clients reach their goals. Erika provides supporting resources to her clients including presentation, programs, surveys and more.

She feels success when clients see the impact of offering and implementing strategies that supports well-being, safety and employee engagement including success stories from employees who found the program made an impact in their lives.