Heidi Orstad

Regional Clinical Consultant

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heidi Orstad serves as the MMA Upper Midwest Regional Clinical Consultant with the PATH team. In this role Heidi su-pports employers as they seek to control health care costs, improve health outcomes and promote employee engagement through analytic-based state of the art innovations and reporting. 

Heidi has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and has expertise in national and regional Health Plan case management operations and program development and executive leadership in the Acute Care Hospital setting. She also has years of experience in nursing practice in pediatric oncology, labor and delivery, and case management. While a program leader with Optum, Heidi implemented a dedicated concierge health plan for Wells Fargo. This role involved partnering with two other national carriers to create and deliver dedicated case management, wellness, pharmacy, behavioral health, nurse line and treatment decision support services for their new high deductible plan. Each member of the national interdisciplinary team steered members towards the right care at the right time with the right provider at the right place resulting in steady increases in in-network utilization and consistent reductions in care gaps. 

Heidi was also an instrumental part of the Wells Fargo innovation team, and her Infertility Program Design was selected by Wells Fargo leadership as the winning innovation for 2015-2016 given the group’s largely female demographic.  

Heidi will graduate with her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Health Innovation and Leadership with a certificate in Healthcare Design from the University of Minnesota in 2019.