John Naughtin

Risk Consultant, Business Insurance

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a business insurance risk consultant with MMA, John builds strategic partnerships with clients focused on reducing their overall total cost of risk. He provides advice and insight into the challenges and exposures unique to their business operations and then works with them to develop solutions to mitigate and control these risks. He works hard to gather the facts, evaluate the risks, and then structure a risk management strategy.

John focuses on building relationship and strategic planning. He measures success by the strength of his business relationships and how he proactively helps clients.

John takes great pride in helping his clients reach their business objectives and goals, and says his goal is to not only help a client in year one of their relationship, but in year 30 as well.

John feels his strongest differentiator is his true industry experience with finance roles in both retail/brands and financial institutions. His tenure as a commercial banker has trained him to quickly assess and understand a company’s operations, trends and emerging risks. His extensive experience working with CFOs and company decision makers makes identifying their concerns easier and top of mind.