Kim Skinner

Claims Manager

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Kansas City, Overland Park, Kansas

Kim’s role is to coordinate the claims activities for our clients and to be the client's advocate in those efforts. In addition, she and her staff provide claims analyses to our clients on a regularly scheduled basis.

Special Claims Handling

  • Loss history and trend analysis
  • Purposes is to outline service expectation and manage/measure compliance
  • Identifies key individuals involved and their roles
  • Enhances communication between the insurance company and the client

Claim Reporting

  • Advocate early reporting – i.e. within 24 hours
  • Document the incident and complete an internal investigation
  • Direct reporting to insurance company, with copies to broker on larger, more problematic claims

Claim Tracking

  • Follow status of significant open claims
  • Review action plans and suggest alternative strategies
  • Coverage dispute resolution

Service Reviews

  • Provide periodic review of overall service
  • Develop the relationship of all parties
  • Develop action plan for current and future service issues
  • Review specific claims