Matthew Dobish

National Healthcare Practice Leader

Contact Information

MMA Northeast, Somerset, New Jersey

Matthew Dobish continues to serve Marsh & McLennan Agency, bringing with him 20 years of experience within the industry.  As a business strategist, he is dedicated to helping healthcare and financial institutions achieve their goals.  Whether those goals are to grow market share, expand globally, retain top talent, or promote a safety minded culture, it is his goal to match up the most effective agency resources to help his clients obtain those objectives.  Known as a problem solver with relentless optimism he enjoys collaborating with his clients, working to identify exposures, and address them as they become known

Matthew also sits on the Board for NJMGMA.  NJMGMA is an association formed to assist Medical Group leaders stay well informed on changes in the healthcare industry.  In 2014 Matthew was named as Regional Practice Leader in the Healthcare space for the Northeast division of MMA, and in 2019 he was recognized for his specialization and was named as National Practice Leader in the Healthcare space for the Marsh McLennan Agency.

Mr. Dobish is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary’s where he developed his skills as a leader.  It was there he was a decorated Division 1 athlete, as well as, active participant in student government.  When not serving his clients & friends, Matthew has applied his leadership skills to the development of his corporate team members and his surrounding community. When not supporting his business associates, Matthew takes pride in the development of the local youth helping them learn life lessons though basketball, as the Little Silver Rec Basketball Coordinator.  Adults can also gain a lot from his positive outlook and attitude.  As Executive Director of the Thursday Night Association, Matthew looks forward to sharing his insight with its members. 

Matthew’s response to life is infectious.  Regardless of the task, issue or problem at hand, his out of the box thinking could serve a solution to you.