Matthew Kovnesky

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Milwaukee, New Berlin, Wisconsin

Matthew Kovnesky is an Employee Health and Benefits consultant who partners with corporate executives to align their benefits packages with their mission and vision.

Matthew’s has dedicated his career to helping companies of all sizes,  from 50 employees to Fortune 100 companies, in reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and becoming employers of choice while increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. He accomplishes this by looking at the company holistically, ensuring that no rock is left unturned, and working with the leadership team to understand where they are today and where are going. By doing this, Matt has been able to create a unique and personalized “roadmap to success” for his clients that is measurable and obtainable.

Outside of Marsh & McLennan Agency, Matthew spends as much time as he can with his wife and two children. He is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoys carpentry and loves anything that has a motor.