Mike Music CSP, ASP

Safety Consultant

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mike Music has been able to use his passion for safety to help his clients develop their safety culture. He does so by assisting them to reduce injuries, mitigate risk and alleviate employee issues and concerns related to safety. He works closely with the management teams of his cleints to build relationships of trust and thrives on know that he makes a difference in their professional lives and their organization.

He focuses on analyzing company processes and ensuring that all necessary safety considerations have been taken into account. His end goal is to create a self-sustaining culture of safety within his client’s organizations.

Having worked for OSHA, Mike is uniquely positioned to help clients understand compliance issues but also helps his clients understand that compliance is the bare minimum and that to have a truly safe workplace, they have to do more. Mike enjoys teaching and educating his clients on how to make their workplaces safer for all employees. In addition to his time at OSHA, Mike’s varied professional safety experience also includes industrial hygiene, ergonomics, risk identification, and safety committee development.