Mike Zahn

Surety Consultant

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mike Zahn generates and retains existing surety clients. He has in-depth industry knowledge with 3 years of underwriting experience and 10 years of Surety experience. In his consultant role, Mike assists with financial analysis, contract review, industry relationships and market clout to drive best results. He offers financial presentations, benchmarking, collateral negotiation, and surety claims review.

Mike prides himself on being creative, detail-oriented, driven, analytical, and easy to work with. His combination of underwriting and service background allows him to quickly diagnose problem issues and rapidly resolve them. Mike finds success when his customers don't have to worry about surety. They know where their program's prequalified limits are, they understand how their carrier partner views their business, and ultimately they have the confidence in him as an agent.

Mike works to improve a company's whole program - not just rate and capacity. He partners with prospects and clients to ensure they are putting their best foot forward with surety companies. He puts together a formal document outlining historical successes, challenges, background, financial progress and future trajectory goals. This allows the underwriter to have a holistic view of a company rather than just receiving the latest financial statement. Ultimately, he wants his surety partners to know what drives their prospects and clients - not just their latest financial results.

In his free time, Mike enjoys biking, hiking, running, hunting, fishing and spending time with his family. He has two sons that keep him incredibly busy.