Rachel Gackle

Employee Health & Benefits Consultant

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Marsh & McLennan Agency, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Rachel joins our team with sales experiene with two global healthcare companies. As an employee benefits consultant, she serves as a strategic partner for our clients by evaluating claims data, identifying markets that are the right fit and providing alternative solutions to issues. She assists clients in crafting employee benefits programs that are competitive, sustainable and valuable for employees. Rachel focuses on creating partnership with clients by ensuring their benefits package encourages employee engagement, retention and recruitment. 

Rachel believes "World Class. Local Touch." means her business partners get to have their cake and eat it, too, by providing a powerhouse team of specialists and seasoned professionals who understand the insurance industry. The best part is that clients do not have to look far for a partner who works tirelessly to understand them and their business; we're right in their backyard.

Rachel attests that insurance isn't boring because it's a complex industry that requires a lot of creative, strategic and futuristic thinking. And, according to Rachel, "Not only is our team brilliant, they're also really fun!"