Shane Collins MEHS, CEES

Safety Consultant

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a risk and safety consultant with Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA), Shane works with businesses to develop strategies to control their losses and reduce their risk of injuries in the workplace.

Shane has been able to use his passion for safety to help his clients implement comprehensive risk management and jobsite safety programs. He works closely with management to analyze company processes and ensure that all necessary safety considerations have been considered.

He assesses a client’s needs and creates customized recommendations and programs that align with short- and long-term safety goals unique to the organization. The programs he creates not only improve safety, but also help prevent risk and decrease workers’ compensation claims, which results in long-term premium savings.

With his expertise and experience in the industry, Shane strives to help clients protect their most valuable assets, their employees. He works to increase awareness and recognition of common workplace risk factors while building relationships and creating a self-sustaining safety culture within their organizations.