Stacia Landon

Engagement Consultant

Stacia is a consultant at MMA who provides support for employee engagement, primarily at long-term care facilities. She is energized by the opportunity to use her clinical skills toward broader, systematic intervention for improving overall culture and quality of life for employees, their managers, and patients/residents.

While interning at a safety net hospital, Stacia successfully launched a mindfulness-based expressive therapy program for adults seeking acute mental health treatment. She is passionate about the benefits of mindfulness-based therapy techniques and hopes to incorporate the ideas behind mindfulness into more mainstream work practices for the general public.

Though her clinical background is primarily focused around trauma-informed care from the existential therapy perspective for adults with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), Stacia is also practiced in techniques from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). She is able to create and interpret tools like surveys and focus groups as a means to strategize with organizations around improvement from baseline engagement or retention numbers.

Stacia feels success when she is able to collaborate with organizations towards more healthy work environments. She introduces interventions that produce engagement through research-informed initiatives to produce a symbiotic enhancement to patient/resident wellbeing through positive worker interactions.

Prior to MMA, Stacia worked, researched, and volunteered in a variety of settings where she provided individual and group counseling for people of diverse identities and age groups. She has worked with patient populations including psychotic, mood, and personality disorders; chronic mental illness; children along the autism spectrum; substance use disorders; eating disorders and trauma survivors. She is experienced in collaborating with client care teams and administrators to determine the best treatment for patients.