Webinar | HR Academy Course: Back Over The Threshold: Helping Employees Return to Work Feeling Safe and Supported


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Start TimeFriday, May 22, 202010:00 AM PSTEnd TimeFriday, May 22, 202011:00 AM PST

The transition back to work will certainly be a time of confusion and challenge. There isn't a how-to book or a clear set of guidelines, which adds to the fear around returning to the workplace. Join management coach and trainer Cecilia Gorman for a presentation and open conversation around the best ways to navigate the transition back into the workplace and how HR and managers can best help employees feel safe and supported.  
Featured Presenter: Cecilia Gorman

Cecilia Gorman hails from the OC advertising industry where she spent 20+ years in creative management, recruiting, and HR. She owns Creative Talent Partners, a training consultancy that specializes in the development of new and struggling managers and the teams they lead. She's also the creator of Manager Boot Camp, a 4-week digital course for managers of all levels. Recent clients include CBS, Oakley, Volcom, Univision, Easterseals, Hyundai Capital, and ASICS.