Webinar | Inclusive Leadership

Pushing Beyond Leadership Buy-in to Leadership in Action


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Event Information

Start TimeThursday, June 18, 20209:00 AM CDTEnd TimeThursday, June 18, 202010:00 AM CDT

About This Webinar

Business leaders, no matter the industry, are hearing a call to action to commit to creating workplaces that value diversity, equity and inclusion. Many people want to make a difference in their organizations and communities right now, but are wondering how.

In this webinar, you will learn about the concept of inclusive leadership and the behaviors that describe an inclusive leader. This educational session is for any member of an organization that wants to lead with inclusion in mind.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A model framework for inclusive leadership development
  • Key traits of inclusive leaders
  • Assessing inclusivity of leadership within an organization
  • Demonstrating inclusive leadership both inside and outside your organization

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Kira Kimball, Chief Innovation Officer, MMA Sioux Falls