Webinar | Leading and Lagging Indicators


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Event Information

Start TimeThursday, August 5, 20219:00 AM CDTEnd TimeThursday, August 5, 202110:00 AM CDT

About This Webinar

Evaluate your organization's safety program with leading & lagging indicators. MMA's Safety speakers will define these terms, and provide examples. The team will also introduce a leading and lagging indicators tracking tool.

Following this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Define the benefits of using leading and lagging metrics to improve a safety and health program
  • Complete a company self-assessment for leading indicators
  • Identify potential gaps in safety programming based on indicators
  • Track leading and lagging indicators and compare against prior years to identify successes and opportunities
  • Benchmark lagging indicators against industry averages (OSHA rates and BLS data)

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David Rumsey, OHST, ARM, CSP

Sr. Safety Consultant, MMA Minneapolis

David Rumsey

Scott Rief

Associate Safety Consultant, MMA Minneapolis