Coverage for Commercial Drones

Coverage for Commercial Drones/ Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

We help professionals who fly drones commercially. 

Commercially, a number of large businesses are using UASs, which are commonly known as drones, to enhance their services. Any industry that can use aerial imaging is now looking at these lightweight, remote-control devices. The advantages of using this type of technology are numerous: hugely increased flight durations, expeditious deployment, low operating costs, and ultimate agility when flying in dangerous and/or hard to access locations.

The insurance issues from drone usage are like the technology itself: new, complex, and rapidly growing. Despite the challenges of this new aviation risk, insurance capacity for drone operations is plentiful. Experts note that with such a rapidly changing technology that is just beginning to get serious regulatory scrutiny, there can be sudden changes to insurance coverage as well. Insurers are still figuring out the new field, and will be for some time. 

MMA has the experience in this new field and regularly works with insurers and businesses to cover drone usage. We also offer direct quotes to cover commercial drones.  

If you fly your Drone/UAS for commercial purposes you need to protect yourself and your growing business. Options are available for loss or physical damage to your drone and for your legal liability arising out of its operation.