Insurance for Retail Bike Shops

Unique Protection for Your Unique Risks

Insurance That Will Actually Protect Your Bike Shop
Many bike shop owners are insured by a modified Business Owners Policy (BOP). Unfortunately, the protections these provide often come up short when weighed against your real risks. 

MMA’s bike shop-specific coverage delivers coverage for the risks that you’re likely to actually face, often for no more (or even less) than you’re paying now. For example, our coverage kicks in if:

  • A “customer” takes off on a demo ride and steals your bike (Voluntary Property Departure)
  • Your mechanic mis-adjusted a derailleur, causing a customer to crash (Repair Liability)
  • A customer crashes on a bike rented from your shop due to a mechanical issue (Rental Liability)
  • An injury occurs on one of your shop rides (Shop Ride Liability)

We also offer all standard lines: property insurance, and liability insurance.

More importantly though, we’ll help it all make sense to you and explain the pros and cons of various options.

E-Bike Retailers
Trust us to help you navigate the insurance and risks associated with this new and growing segment. MMA’s bike shop insurance specialists work with a number of e-bike retailers. We understand how the growth in segment may affect your shop and your industry at large. 

The insurance side of this is complicated, and many insurers don’t totally understand the mechanics and risks involved. Finding an agent who knows the details, and has built relationships with the leading insurance companies is the best way to help you ensure you have the protection you need. 

MMA has been working in this space for more than a decade and has built a national reputation, not only among retailers but also with the underwriters themselves. 

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