State-Specific Programs

State-Specific Programs

California - UC Statewide Campers

Please click here for a description of the coverage.

For Youth Camp Programs, including Youth Athletic Camps (excluding football camps) for participants 18 and under, please use the Youth Athletic and Youth Non-Athletic rate calculators on the UC Statewide Campers Audit Form to report athletic and non-athletic camp activities to be covered under the policy.

For Adult Camp Programs, including non-High School, College/Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate/ Doctoral Students please use the Adult Rate Calculator on the audit form. This insurance program is underwritten to cover school-sponsored activities such as research, preceptorships, workshops, seminars, internships but excluding medical resident internships etc.

UC Statewide Campers Audit Form


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Please click here to complete the UC Statewide Campers Audit Form.
Instructions: Begin by entering the information for one camp activity, and identify whether it is a Youth Athletic, Youth Non-Athletic, or Adult activity. Click the Calculate Premium Due button to calculate the premium automatically. The minimum premium on all camps is $25.00, the calculator is set to default premiums which fall below the $25.00 minimum. Please note that premiums are different for youth athletic, youth non-athletic, and adult activities.

Please note that the completed audit form serves as your invoice, please print the form using your browser’s Print button and mail a copy of the form with a check payable to Wellfleet Special Risk, PO Box 15369, Springfield, MA  01115 in order to bind coverage. Email:

California - Universities and Colleges

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Minnesota - Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust (MSBAIT)

Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust (MSBAIT)
Provides Minnesota schools with the access and resources they need to help keep themselves, their people and their students safe.

Our school-specific insurance coverages are specifically designed to meet the needs of Minnesota schools. Our Advance Protection Programs include:

Cyber/Data Breach 

School Districts are the third most targeted entity for cyber/data breaches, due to the multiple protected records a district holds, such as protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII) and protected credit information (PCI). This policy meets statutory limits required for schools. It gives you the coverage you need without paying for more than you need. 

Complete and Submit Cyber application

Tenants User Liability Program (TULIP)

Coverage for when school buildings are used for non-school purposes by an outside group such as: school reunions, PTO meetings, Scouts, youth athletics and family reunions and the group does not have its own coverage. A school district’s policy will be required to pay in cases when the outside group does not have coverage or enough coverage. Depending on the loss, the district’s insurance premiums could rise or the policy may not be renewed, which is a high risk to take. 

A TULIP policy protects the district from someone not having proper coverage and creating a large exposure for the district. This Advance Protection Plan makes coverage easily attainable, and ensures that limits are set at the proper statutory amounts to protect the district. 

Complete and Submit TULIP application.

For more information download this PDF.


They are Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that are excluded under aircraft exclusions for the majority of possible events in property and liability coverage. This coverage is designed to allow schools to be at the cutting edge of curriculum development, to use drones in facility management programming and more, without creating additional exposure. Coverage for someone using their own drone on district property at the school district’s request can also be covered. For example, in situations where Community Education offers a drone class where the instructor brings in his or her drone to use in class. 

Complete and Submit Drone application

International Travel 

Travel outside the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico is usually not covered under typical package policies. The “trip insurance” that travel agents sell is usually only for a cancellation or change in the trip itinerary, it does not cover liability or workers’ compensation should staff be injured. 

Examples of non-coverage include: staff injured while overseas on the school sponsored trip, student caused damage to a hotel or other property, kidnapping and ransom, medical evacuation, and host family liability.

Complete and Submit Educator’s Elite International Travel application