California - UC Statewide Campers Form

*The below form has been experiencing difficulties once submitted. Please email Linda Graf  for all entries for the time being*

Example of information needed in email to Linda Graf:


All start Monday, July 5, 2021.


Billing address:

Intercollegiate Athletics Building, (IAB)

625 Humanities Quad

Irvine, CA 92697-4500


  • YSOC-214; Mon- Fri.(5 Days)  - 31 campers
  • Boot-214;  Mon- Thurs (4 Days) 18 campers
  • WSOC-214; Mon-Tues (2 Days) 41 campers
  • YRUN-211; Mon-Fri. (5 Days)  79 campers
  • YVOl-212.  Monday - Thurs. (4 Days) 27 campers

We also need:

1) a description of the camp;

2) if the camps are overnight, are they electing sickness coverage; and

3) if the camps are for people ages 18+ (adults).