For a Healthy Pipeline, Start With Strategic Prospecting

November 29, 2016

For those of us in sales, our pipeline is like our lifeblood.

Here’s how TechTarget defines it: “A sales pipeline is a visual representation of sales prospects and where they are in the purchasing process. Pipelines also provide an overview of a sales rep's account forecast and how close he is to making quota, as well as how close a sales team as a whole is to reaching quota.”

Managing a pipeline involves the uncovering of opportunities in either net-new clients, or existing customers where you want to continue to create barriers for your competition.

There’s no denying that strong pipeline management is one of the most effective ways to enhance sales performance. So, take a look at your pipeline. Is it healthy? Or does it need to be resuscitated?

For the next article in our on-going series, Amy Franko examines pipeline management and the importance of strategic prospecting. We’ll learn how your habits can affect the pipeline, and review six essentials for growing a healthy pipeline. (My personal favorite: get comfortable with the uncomfortable.)

Are you ready to become a leader of your own pipeline? Read Amy’s article now.

This article is the fifth in a series of “6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results.” The first focused on Growth Mindset the second addressed Intellectual Curiosity, the third took on Showing Up for Sales Success and the fourth highlighted the importance of Understanding Your Customer. Watch for the final one soon. The series is a collaboration among Amy Franko (Impact Instruction Group), Brittany Shonka (IMPAX) and Jen E Miller (Marsh & McLennan Agency)–to create a resource to help other sales professionals maximize results. The goal is to help you go farther, achieve sales success, and transform into top performers.