Growth Mindset and Sales Performance

November 4, 2016

When I look back at my career, one meeting early in my 20s had a profound impact on the mindset I developed, and the sales professional I am today. I remember it vividly. It was a meeting with a hospital president, and he treated me like I was his equal. He valued my opinion, and  truly listened to what I was saying.

That was a huge turning point for my confidence. I realized I bring value to the table, and that others appreciate having me there.

There’s no doubt that mindset, or grit, plays an enormous role in sales.

That’s why we are launching the new blog series, 6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results, with an article that focuses on growth mindset.

The article, Growth Mindset and High-Value Sales Opportunities, was authored by my colleague, Amy Franko. In it, she shares how a growth mindset can set the stage for every activity, big or small, that we undertake on the path to success. Those who embrace a growth mindset tend to believe that a person’s intelligence has the capacity to grow, and therefore view experiences, feedback, and challenges as learning opportunities on the path to mastery. On the other hand, those who tend toward a fixed mindset take the opposite view, and therefore are often less willing to take on new challenges for fear of looking less-than-intelligent to the outside world.

To be a top sales performer, you must cultivate a growth mindset. Amy helps you get there with 12 useful tips you can incorporate into your life right now by looking at your routines, lifelong learning, the habit of well-being, and outward and inward focus.

You can read Amy’s full article on the Impact Instruction Group website.

Watch for the next article in our series here on the Marsh & McLennan Agency site soon.

This article is the first in a series of six on “6 Strategies to Maximize Sales Results.” The series is a collaboration among Amy Franko (Impact Instruction Group), Britany Shonka (IMPAX) and Jen E Miller (Marsh & McLennan Agency)—to create a resource to help other sales professionals maximize results. The goal is to help you go farther, achieve sales success, and transform into top performers.

About the Author:

Jen E Miller | Senior Vice President, Producer Development | Marsh & McLennan Agency

Jen E Miller is passionate about sales strategy. With over 18 years in sales, sales training, and sales leadership roles, she truly loves helping professionals and leaders exceed sales objectives.  To Jen, sales strategy is like a giant chess board. She helps teams determine which tactical moves to make- and in what sequence- in order to best achieve the desired goal of winning a new client. Jen motivates and inspires teams to provide exceptional service to their customers, prospects, and company.

Jen joined Marsh & McLennan Agency two years ago. Coming most recently from DHL, she worked with teams around the world to build sales culture and implement sales methodology.

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