Bike Shop Insurance

Manufacturer Insurance: Protecting Your Organization

Many bike shop owners obtain modified Business Owners Policies (BOP). These often fail to provide adequate protection against real risks. MMA’s bike shop insurance policies deliver coverage specifically tailored to the risks that you’re likely to face, often at similar or lower costs than you’re paying now. Our coverage is extensive, including coverages applicable to these scenarios:

  • When someone takes a demo ride and steals your bike (Voluntary Property Departure)
  • When your mechanic incorrectly adjusts a derailleur, causing a customer to crash (Repair Liability)
  • When a customer crashes on a bike rented from your shop due to a mechanical issue (Rental Liability)
  • And much more, such as property, liability, cyber, work comp, etc.

Most importantly, we’ll help it all make sense and explain the pros and cons of various bike shop insurance options in simple, easy to understand terms. We can also assist with new types of risk associated with e-bike rental and repair. Our team works with many e-bike retailers, so we understand how this growing segment may affect your shop and your industry at large. 

Finding an agent who knows the details and has built relationships with the leading insurance companies is the best way to help you ensure you have the protection you need. Ready to get bike shop insurance that’s actually designed specifically for your business? To learn more, contact MMA and schedule a complimentary consultation.