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Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management: Protecting Your Organization

Every organization is concerned with the growing threat of cyber-attacks. The larger the organization, the more enticing the target. Smaller organizations often lack the IT infrastructure and personnel to regularly review and address cyber liability mitigation strategies. Fortunately, MMA provides extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating and anticipating cyber risk – we can help you get your cyber risk management strategy back on track. With offices conveniently located across the US and Canada and the global resources of the world’s largest insurance agency, we possess the expertise to help safeguard your organization from damaging cyber incursions.

Cyber risk management is critically underutilized. According to MMA’s recent Cyber and Data Security Risk Survey:

  • 60% said they consider it one of their top 5 risks
  • 75% said they were highly or fairly confident they were ready to manage and respond
  • 82% felt confident they would be able to understand and assess a cyber-attack
  • Only 18% said they had developed a cyber incident response plan
  • 34% said they had conducted a cyber-security gap assessment
  • 36% said that had implemented a plan to train employees to recognize phishing emails
  • 23% said they had actually conducted penetration testing on their online defenses

Is your organization looking for assistance with cyber risk management? To learn more, contact MMA and schedule a complimentary consultation.