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Geocare International

Marsh & McLennan Agency is pleased to offer Geocare International, a special Insurance program, to individual and corporate members of international societies and associations in the petroleum, engineering and mining industries who reside outside of the United States. Geocare International is sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Our program overview will provide you with details of covered medical expenses, including emergency medical transportation, the schedule of benefits to be applied, a list of excluded expenses and optional benefits available for members.

Marsh & McLennan Agency handles general administration for the Geocare International program.

U.S. citizens working overseas: Please click here for plan choices and information.

Non-U.S. citizens: Please click here for plan choices and information.  You can download an application here.

International Insurance Plan Applications:
International Life and Disability Insurance application

For further information, please contact our staff at: Phone +1 703 813 6565, and by e-mail at

International Life & Disability
Active expatriate members of Geocare may purchase Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. The Term insurance is valid as long as one is an expatriate member of Geocare International.

The age limit for new insureds is age 64.

Policy Disclaimer This GBG Insurance Limited Policy is an international insurance policy. As such, this Policy is subject to the laws of Guernsey, U.K., and the insured should be aware that laws governing the terms, conditions, benefits and limitations in insurance policies issued and delivered in other countries including the United States are not applicable to this Policy. If any dispute arises as to the interpretation of this document, the English version shall be deemed to be conclusive and taking precedence over any other language version of this document.


Individual Life Benefit
The individual life benefit becomes due in the event of the Insured Person’s death prior to the normal retirement age which is 65. The providers shall pay the full life benefit up to $500,000, unless as otherwise agreed (higher amounts can be requested and are subject to underwriting conditions).

This Policy is not intended for citizens of the United States residing in the U.S. If the Insured changes permanent residency to the U.S., the Insurer retains the right to modify the benefits or cancel this Policy. The Insurer must be notified within 31 days of any change in residency status (whether to the U. S. or any other country).

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
Upon proof that the Insured Person has suffered an AD&D loss as a direct consequence of an accident within three hundred and sixty (360) days from the date of accident and provided that such loss is not the direct or indirect result of a risk excluded below, a benefit becomes payable in accordance with the provisions and limitations as set forth below.

In case of dismemberment by accident, the maximum benefit payable equals the life benefit or US$ 250,000, whichever is lower. If a dismemberment benefit has been paid to an Insured Person who dies later on while still being covered under the Accidental Death & Dismemberment section, any dismemberment benefit already paid will be subtracted from the individual life and accidental death benefits should they become due.

Accident shall mean any bodily injury involuntarily sustained by the Insured Person as a consequence of a sudden and unpredictable intervention of external forces.

Exclusions and Limitations

The following exclusions apply for the specific benefit:

  • All active and passive war, terrorism, and warlike actions perils, including the perils of weapons of mass destruction.
  • “Active participant” in warlike operations means an active member of the military forces e.g. Army, Navy, Air Force, Territorial Army or Police or any other special forces activated by Government or other public authorities to defend law and order in case of a warlike operation, or any other person who takes up arms in an active or defensive role.
  • “Warlike action” means hostilities, mutiny, riot, civil commotion, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, conspiracy, military or usurped power and martial law or state of siege.
  • Claims resulting from terrorist activity, including the use of armaments, the detonation of any form of explosive or nuclear devices, the use of chemical or biological weapons and distribution of gases, toxins, and infectious diseases, including the poisoning via the air or water supplies or food products and deliberate destruction of buildings and transportation.

Members have the liberty to appoint or change a beneficiary at their discretion.

Territorial Limitations:
Rates exclude Algeria, Angola, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Palestinian territories in Israel.

Life Insurance and AD&D premiums
The monthly premiums quoted are per $1,000 of insurance. Members interested in applying for AD&D benefits are also required to apply for Life Insurance coverage.

AD&D coverage is not offered as a stand-alone policy under the Geocare International Program

When Applying:
Please send your scanned completed application to:

When you fill out your application, make sure your answers are complete and detailed. Answer all questions, so processing of your application won’t be delayed.

Complete medical information should include the name of physician(s) or hospital(s), street address (and suite or room number), city, state and zip code. Also include a brief description of the nature of an illness or injury, symptoms, treatment and results.

The insurance company underwriting your application relies on your answers and statements. Misstatements or failures to report information on your application may be used as the basis for denying or reducing claim benefits, or even invalidating your insurance.

If you have any questions please email: