Risk Protection Plans

Filling the gap not only pertains to executive retention, but also to the protection of the business interests. We work with clients to create and place funding solutions for Buy-Sell Agreements and Key Person Life Insurance protection. This not only protects your organization, but it also creates a plan which will keep your business successful for years to come.

Key Person Life and Disability Insurance
The loss of a key employee can affect a company’s sales goals, revenue and future business planning. Key Person Life Insurance and Disability Income Insurance provides a company with the funds necessary to continue planned business strategies and objectives during the process of filling the key position.

Buy-Sell Insurance
A current contract between business partners outlining the agreement for redeeming shares in the event of an untimely death or disability is a critical component of business planning. Funding the Buy-Sell Agreement with Life and/or Disability Income Insurance provides the funds necessary for the company or the surviving partners to acquire the shares from the deceased partner’s beneficiaries and estate, thereby ensuring minimal interruption and the continuity of the business strategy and vision.