Health Management Consultants

Health Management Consulting Improves Efficiency, Retention, and the Bottom Line

At Marsh & McLennan Agency we have developed and implemented comprehensive health management consulting programs for many employers. We leverage a multifaceted approach with both short-term and long-term goals, each year progressing in the breadth and scope of the program to differentiate the needs of employee groups within your organization.

Employers must implement customized benefits and wellness programs to strategically impact health care costs as well as employee morale, recruitment, and attendance. Our extensive data analysis is critical to identifying focal points for our clients, and our customized employee communications result in employee wellness programs done "with employees" instead of "to employees."

We’re well versed in the HIPAA guidelines and have benefit attorneys who act as resources where needed regarding both federal and state law. We have many ideas on how to incent employees without costing the employer additional money and have implemented these successfully.

Employers and employees are both frustrated by the continued rapid increase in medical costs. So much cost shifting has occurred that the fundamental value of the benefit plan erodes. Other factors influencing plan efficacy, including demographics, technological advancement, and new drug development, cannot be controlled by the employer. The focus has to be on reducing unnecessary utilization while providing innovating coverage and lifestyle influences for a healthier workforce.

At MMA, we work with client's every day to answer these questions and make sure they get the appropriate value and return from their health improvement programs. For health management consulting solutions that work to your advantage, contact MMA to schedule a complimentary consultation.