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In the industrial sector, both operational and legacy environmental risks have the potential to result in serious business interruption, financial penalties and negative publicity. MMA Environmental can help through:

  • analysis of long-lived fixed assets including associated legacy and operational environmental risks
  • providing loss scenarios related to operational and legacy environmental risks 
  • assessing operational environmental risk associated with both a company’s environmental footprint as well as compliance with state, federal and local environmental regulations
  • legacy environmental risk associated with mergers and acquisitions as well as historical operations and contaminated real estate that may or may not have been related to the company’s current operations
  • clear quantification and loss scenarios 
  • strategic mitigation plans


  • unsafe worker/third-party exposure to pollutants
  • third-party civil action (e.g., regulators, neighbors)
  • losses due to catastrophic events
  • M&A with poorly quantified environmental risk
  • inadequate reserve requirements for legacy risks


  • environmental risk assessment
  • strategic environmental planning
  • operational and legacy risk modeling and quantification
  • catastrophic event modeling and quantification
  • full-service environmental product placement

MMA Environmental In Action - Industrial

Investors in a multi-billion dollar industrial construction project were concerned unknown operational environmental risk could impact the schedule, the project’s bottom line and future operational efficiencies.

MMA Environmental:

  • conducted an acute risk analysis that revealed several steps required to address high levels of operational risk to avoid project delays
  • provided a long-term analysis of environmental performance and revealed management steps to better track and manage risk

As a result of our work, the project encountered no environment-related delays and the long-term obligations were better understood and addressed.

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