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Insurance for Manufacturers

Insurance for Manufacturers: Reducing Risk and Liability

Manufacturers have three primary areas of insurance risk. These are workers' compensation, fleet/auto, and property insurance. That’s why insurance for manufacturers requires a different approach than is required by many other industries, and our programs cover these critical differences in a variety of ways. Our primary concern is helping clients prevent claims in the first place, making their business safer and more profitable. MMA can help you:

  • keep employees healthy and safe, and lower workers' compensation claims
  • lower property risk through manufacturing, warehouse and distribution risk management
  • reduce your premiums through continued training and claims analysis

Historical data analysis leads to specific training programs.

Using our extensive knowledge of manufacturing companies and the risks you face, our team will analyze your claims history to help you identify where injuries, losses and claims are coming from. We can then help your safety director or other managers create specific manufacturing training programs for your employees designed to enhance safety and reduce claims.

Selecting the right insurance for manufacturers will improve the bottom line.

Fewer and less severe claims mean fewer lost days on the job, lower insurance premiums, and a healthier, more productive workforce—and all three will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

To learn more about how to select the right insurance for manufacturers, Contact MMA to schedule a complimentary consultation.