Liability Transfer

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MMA Environmental works with a global network of industry experts and specialized subcontractors to provide protection from environmental concerns. 

We routinely provide:

  • liability quantification and loss modeling of scenarios 
  • strategic mitigation plans 
  • transfer of liability to a third party
  • insurance plans to minimize exposure and mitigate downtime

Environmental risks can have far-reaching impacts on your organization. MMA Environmental’s Strategic Environmental Risk Assessment (SERA) is a unique approach to help you understand and better manage these risks. MMA Environmental’s process provides the protocol to identify, assess, visualize and manage environmental risks.


Using information gathered from documents, interviews, site visits and experience, MMA Environmental’s experts identify areas of concern and bring hidden environmental risks to light.


Working with your organization, we assess risk tolerance parameters for each environmental exposure identified. Technical root-cause and fault-tree analyses identify the causes, and assess the potential consequences, of environmental risks across your enterprise.


Our risk-mapping tools clearly demonstrate the risk ranking for all of your environmental concerns.


MMA Environmental’s experts help you prioritize your environmental risks. Working with your team, we also recommend improvements to your environmental management systems.

SERA can benefit companies with:

  • mergers and acquisitions that have resulted in new operations outside their traditional core business
  • plans for expansion into new markets, jurisdictions or business lines
  • increased environmental activism or regulatory enforcement in their industry or geography
  • concerns that manageable environmental exposures may become financial liabilities
  • community development encroaching near their operations
  • a need to prioritize environmental spending and activities based on actual financial risk
  • the need to attract new financial partners who demand clearer understanding of environmental risks

SERA delivers:

  • a concise report including risk maps and authoritative narrative about environmental risks your organization faces
  • recommendations to improve your organization’s insurance program, environmental management systems, contracting allocations and risk control
  • clear and visual representation of your enterprise’s environmental risks
  • thorough evaluation of your current insurance structure against the identified risks to develop a gap analysis and recommendations for program improvements, if necessary
  • trend analysis of each identified risk, which helps prioritize your organization’s investment in risk management
  • risk appetite analysis to help structure the most efficient risk management and insurance programs