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Acquisition and divestiture of assets with improperly quantified environmental risk can result in unfavorable transaction results. Environmental risk in real estate can potentially trigger significant business interruption, financial penalties and generate negative public perception. Loss scenarios are efficiently managed by MMA Environmental’s unique blend of customized solutions for:

  • identifying of water intrusion/mold issues, air quality problems or other pollutant exposure issues that may create significant risk of operational and legal compliance challenges
  • managing of legacy environmental risk
  • quantifying environmental risk and transferring risk through pollution legal liability insurance or comparable financial mechanisms
  • managing creative brownfield redevelopment efforts


  • asset devaluation
  • third-party civil action (e.g., regulators, neighbors)
  • inadequate reserve requirements for legacy risks
  • excess liability from unknown conditions
  • losses due to catastrophic events


  • environmental risk assessment
  • transaction risk solutions
  • operational and legacy risk modeling and quantification
  • portfolio liability wind down
  • full-service environmental product placement

MMA Environmental In Action - Real Estate

A municipality wanted to convert a historically significant former automotive repair facility with numerous environmental issues into a showcase municipal building. MMA Environmental helped through:

  • a comprehensive site investigation
  • management of multiple subcontractors to address numerous site environmental issues, including lead and asbestos, waste management, USTs and soil/groundwater impacts

MMA Environmental’s work on the project was a key component to the the municipality achieving a Platinum LEED Certification, the highest level achievable, and gain significant funding through state and federal historic tax credits.

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