Human Resources Consulting

How does HR fit in with risk management?

It’s at the start of everything - from pre-hire recruiting to employee screening to policy development.

How HR Consulting Works 
After discussing your goals with you, an MMA HR consultant will conduct an evaluation of your needs using the appropriate tools, which may include employee surveys, policy audits and other assessments. This process will help identify any necessary improvements or missing components. We’ll then develop a plan that will fill your needs and meet your goals, and with your approval, set this plan in motion, making any adjustments along the way as necessary. We’ll track progress throughout and keep you informed on the discoveries and improvements made.

Additional Services

  • HR Legal Advice Hotline
  • On-site training for executives and managers on key HR functions
  • On-site training for employees on company expectations
  • Free seminars on HR topics
  • A la carte services