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Mental health and behavioral health needs

The expanding needs of today’s workforce place emphasis on well-being, mental and behavioral health. Prioritizing well-being in policies and benefits is critical to developing the workplace resilience employers seek. 

What's trending in mental and behavioral health?

The workforce expects more from employers.
Today, employee well-being has expanded beyond the physical. It has broadened its focus to a culture of holistic wellness. This includes factors such as emotional, financial, and social wellness, as well as a focus on career, community, and purpose. Employees who report positive relationships with their immediate team members have a healthier mindset than those who don’t have those connections.

Flexibility creates opportunity for employers and employees. 
The workplace landscape has shifted from the previous predominant office dynamics to experiments in hybrid, flexible, and co-working environments. Hybrid work can provide a higher level of flexibility, improved work-life balance, and a more tailored employee experience.

Mental and behavioral health support will grow. 
According to a newly released Mercer survey analyzing health and benefits strategies for 2023, strategies for mental health incentives will continue. They will now include a stronger focus on behavioral incentives as well.



of employers plan to offer enhanced employee assistance programs in 2023. [1]


of people take the opportunity to work flexibly when offered. [2]


of employers will train managers to recognize employee behavioral issues. [3]

Prioritize well-being

It’s important to remember that employees are more than workers — they’re people with their own needs, wants, and challenges.

Download our 2023 Benefits Trends Report to learn more about the changes in mental and behavioral health needs in the workplace.