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Transportation and Trucking

The road to growth for transportation and trucking companies is paved with smart, comprehensive risk management solutions.

Marsh McLennan Agency’s industry specialists have the experience and resources to meet the insurance needs of every kind of transportation company.

Our Transportation and Trucking Industry Practice knows your industry from bumper to bumper. We provide cost-effective, comprehensive solutions for clients like you. Our clients include some of the largest trucking companies in North America, individual owner/operators, and delivery service partners. 

From driver shortages to hours of service (HOS) regulations, and everything in between, we have the experience and resources to help keep your business in high gear. We work with a variety of transportation and logistics firms, including:

  • Intermodal carriers
  • Fuel distributors
  • Hazardous material haulers
  • Ag haulers
  • Truckload carriers
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL)
  • Last mile
  • Frac sand transport
  • Auto haulers
  • Refrigerated carriers
  • Logistics and freight forwarding companies
  • Warehousing and terminals
  • Railway
  • Maritime

Transportation Industry Services

The many specialized services we offer can help your company today, tomorrow, and down the road.

Safety and Loss Prevention Strategies

When organizations reduce losses and properly comply with government regulations, they often reduce their premium costs. Our risk management team can meet your needs through customized risk prevention services to ensure compliance and create a culture of safety.

Comprehensive Company Safety Culture

Marsh McLennan Agency Risk Management Team can improve your company’s comprehensive safety culture by reviewing and revising policies and procedures, providing effective safety and leadership training, conducting internal regulatory reviews, and aligning other customized safety services with the company’s business plan.

Driver Recruiting and Retention Plans

Our Risk Management Team can improve driver retention at your company in several ways including increased driver retention, high-quality training for both your driving and non-driving staff, and more.

Driver Orientation and Training Programs

Driver orientation is that critical interaction between the company and the new driver to acclimate the driver to the company’s culture, policies, and procedures and our Risk Management Team can assist you in developing an effective and efficient onboarding and orientation program.

Hazardous Material Training

Our Risk Management Team can ensure that your overall hazardous materials program is within regulatory compliance with special emphasis on required hazardous materials training for your entire staff.

Mock DOT Compliance Reviews

We routinely conduct mock internal reviews of all FMCSA regulatory requirements for motor carriers of all size and scope and if you maintain your own shop, our Risk Management Team can review your facilities and policies to improve your compliance with OSHA regulations.

Cause of Loss Analysis

Our Risk Management Team is highly skilled at analyzing causation to determine root causes of incidents in order to determine effective solutions that resolve underlying issues and prevent incidents from occurring.

Accident Reduction Programs

We can assist you in developing a comprehensive accident reduction program tailored specifically to your company’s unique needs including a detailed analysis of your policies and procedures, causation determination of all accidents, effective driver training, and aggressive use of the FMCSA Crash Preventability Determination Program when applicable.

Financial worry in trucking and transportation

Read our latest report to find out how you can offer your workforce peace of mind and address preventable risks.

Tailored Coverages for Transportation and Trucking

  • Primary Liability
  • General Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo
  • Property
  • Occupational Accident
  • Pollution
  • Umbrella/Excess
  • Third-Party Broker Liability
  • Cyber
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bonds
  • Crime and Fidelity
  • Independent Contractor Coverages
  • Director and Officers Liability
  • Passenger Accident
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)


Meet Dawn, a transportation risk specialist.

Dawn Achten

Senior Customer Service Agent
Billings, MT

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, transportation insurance provides coverage on goods and property while they are in transit. Your premiums may vary depending on your fleet management and the value of goods or property involved in your transportation enterprise.

Transportation methods and phases covered can affect your rates as much as insurance coverage against mishandling, accidents, or theft. So, it pays to match the details of your insurance policy to your business services. Whether you ship cargo on land, air, or water, your specialized Marsh McLennan Agency consultant will gladly assist you in finding the right insurance package that covers you from packing to unloading.

Claims related to stationary property at your client’s business location, earthquakes, or flood damage are usually not covered under most transportation insurance policies. Depending on the type of cargo business you operate, you may have to invest in additional coverage for high-value goods like jewels and currency—or to protect yourself against political risks.

Transportation risk refers to the typical exposures affecting transportation businesses. These can include natural disasters like fire and delays due to traffic conditions, power outages, or accidents. Common occurrences like load losses and damaged goods are usually covered.

Transporting hazardous materials may require additional coverage due to higher liability exposure. This type of specialized insurance may cover expenses for bodily injury, such as chemical burns, pollution liability, and clean-up costs.

Your Marsh McLennan Agency consultant can explain how you can lower your premiums through thorough safety protocols and driver training programs.

With cargo insurance, a manufacturer or retailer can guard their enterprise against financial losses related to damage of goods in storage. While cargo insurance is often confused with freight insurance, only the latter is geared toward transportation companies, as it covers the value of freight during transit.

The cost of your transportation insurance will not only depend on your claim history and management. It also depends on an array of industry-specific factors that you must consider equally in day-to-day business operations.

  • What class of goods are you shipping?
  • Does that class require additional precautions, or is it high in value?
  • What’s your company’s driving rating and claims history?
  • Are you following general recommendations for safety programs?
  • What transportation distances do you typically cover?

Talk to a Marsh McLennan Agency consultant to learn how these factors can affect your premiums.

You’ll need several insurance policies to protect all parties involved in your operation and the goods transported.

Freight insurance will cover the cost of freight during transit. Whether you need to complement that coverage with cargo insurance depends on the services you offer.

To cover the common issues in everyday business, you should invest in general liability, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation insurance. Due to the higher exposure in the cargo industry, you should also consider additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage.

Aside from industry-specific coverage lines, Marsh McLennan Agency provides a range of business insurance services that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Due to long periods of sedentary work, truck drivers in particular are susceptible to a number of health conditions. We can help you find health screening, nutrition counseling, and stress management programs to support your employees and steer them toward a healthier lifestyle.

Our retirement plans allow your employees to save for their future and relieve the stress that often accompanies financial worries. Offering matching contributions to your employees’ 401(k) plan helps alleviate their tax burden. This positions you as a caring employer, attracting and retaining talent.